Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Day In The Orion

The Orion is a student run news publication for Chico State University College. They currently have 80 Journalism and Public Relations students who are producing content for the publication. The following photos shows a day in the life of an Orionite, as Public Relations Director Kristen V. Moran, works on promoting contents for The Orion.

A Place

The Orion office is located in the basement of Plumas Hall in Chico State where journalists and public relation practitioners work on their stories and promotions.

A Face

Kristen V. Moran, senior public relations major, is the public relations director who oversees her team that works on promotions for The Orion.

A Face in A Place

Kristen V. Moran works on The Orion's social media pages while at the office.

A Place with A Face

Moran working diligently at the office during her break from her class.

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