Thursday, February 26, 2015

Piktochart: An Overlooked Necessity

The longer I go to school, the more I realize that to make it in any career path, there are key actions that one must need to do. 

Every professor, every key speaker, every one who isn't a student who talk in front of every class drive in the same key points over and over like a broken record singing the same old tune. 

But the 'same old song' that these people sing is not something that ends up driving me crazy, as a matter of fact, it does the total opposite.

I take to heart every redundant message that these experienced professionals tell me. 


Because they have made it, and I haven't. And there is a reason for that.

These people know something that I don't, and if I plan on making it when I graduate, I need to listen and follow what they say.

One song they all sing sounds something like this...

'Set Your Self Apart'

In the journalism field, setting your self apart from other reporters is easier said than done.

Simply put: There are only so many stories out there at any given time that people want or choose to pay attention to.

In order to be successful as a reporter, one must cover every breaking news that happens. 

There in lies the problem. 

How can I set myself apart if everything I am covering is what everyone else is reporting on? 

The solution?

Finding a way to tell a story in a different way. That my friends is how you set your self apart when it comes to journalism.

There are plenty of ways to tell a story in a different manner as opposed to the basic 500 word feature of "sentence-qoute-sentence-qoute" that has been used a billion times in the history of story telling. 

One of the ways to do this is through the use of Piktochart.

Like so...

The following image is an infographic chart that I generated through Piktochart for my blog about sexual assault in Chico State. 

Piktochart is a website app that helps users create infographs that look professional without having to ask for help from designers. It is very user friendly. The example I used above was something that I created after spending about an hour with the app without prior experience with it.

It is always intimidating using something for the first time (excel for example is something that I still cannot figure out for the life of me). Bus as someone like me, who is only mildly technologically versed, I was able to create a usable chart to tell my story in a different way. 

Reading a text heavy story is off putting to a lot of people, and finding ways to avoid using words is always recommended when it comes to being a journalists.

Just ask yourself, how many times have you read a story and 2 paragraphs in, and you are already clicking the back button on your server to look for something else. 

Images are always more pleasing to the eye, and Piktochart is a tool that is very useful for exactly that purpose. 

But don't take my word for it, since I probably sound like a promoter for Piktochart the more I write--no they didn't pay me money to talk about them--but next time you have a story you want to tell, try and figure out a way to incorporate an infograph, and see all the positive critique you get from doing so.

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