Friday, February 13, 2015

UFC 183: A Tarnished Legacy

In what was supposed to be a monumental fight card that featured two of MMA's most polarizing fighters in Nick Diaz and Anderson Silva, UFC 183 is going to be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

How it was supposed to be:

UFC 183 was supposed to be a celebration. 

Jan. 31, 2015, was supposed to be a day remembered by MMA fans as the day Diaz and Silva returned to the octagon doing what they were born to do.

Both fighters were returning from long layoffs due to different reasons, but their comebacks were something that every fight fan looked forward to, because of the excitement they brought to the MMA world.

Silva, was coming back from a long period of inaction due to a gruesome injury which he suffered in his rematch against UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman

Many thought that Silva's injury would mark the end to his illustrious career, which included 16 consecutive wins and 10 title defenses--a UFC record.

On the other corner was the enigmatic Diaz. 

Beloved by fight fans due to his persona as a "no nonsense" fighter who just wanted to fight and one who cared little about the UFC's fanfare. Diaz was coming back from a self imposed exile after his title fight against Georges St. Pierre.

For 25-Minutes, both fighter delivered.

The fight was one for the ages. Both fighters went toe-to-toe in a fight that would end with Silva getting the nod after 5 rounds of action. 

The news that rocked the MMA world:

In the days following the fight, the MMA world was in awe, with fight fans making predictions as to what would come next for both fighters. 

Following the event, the news of Silva and Diaz failing their pre fight drug tests would rock the MMA world and would put a damper on the historical event.

Diaz would get popped with THC in his system for the third time in his career. The news, though relevant, was not something that surprised a lot of people because of his past.

Silva's failure is another story.

The Backlash:

Known as one of the sport's pound-for-pound best in the world, Silva was supposed to be one of the good guys. 

For his entire career, Silva has never been seen as someone who would cheat. 

News of the event took the MMA world by storm and fighters went on Twitter to post their reactions:

Now, two weeks removed from when the reports first came out, and people are still in shock.

The Aftermath:

I was compeled to write about this topic because of its significance to the sport I love. 

Simply put, this event put a black eye on the sport of MMA for years to come.

Imagine if we found out that Michael Jordan or Joe Montana took PED's. What would that mean to the NBA or the NFL?

Steroids are something that every sport have to deal with. Every season someone gets suspended after getting caught, and they apologize and fans forget.

But ever so often, there are those times like when Barry Bonds got caught that people tend to always remember.

Getting caught using PED's is something that will forever tarnish Anderson Silva's career. He was supposed to be the sport's greatest fighter who has ever lived. 

But now, that image is shattered. 

And what's even more unforgivable? In a sport where one's sole purpose is to inflict pain and damage another person to achieve victory, Silva was deliberately putting other athletes' lives in danger. 

Add that to the fact that PED's is already an epidemic that is spreading in a sport that is still viewed by many as barbaric. 

This isn't just some "joe schmo" fighter who people don't know taking steroids. We are talking about a guys who is the ambassador for the sport. And for him to get popped for banned substance is something that critics of MMA won't live down for a long time.

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