Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Making a Video With Magisto: Wildcat MMA [Video]

A previous assignment I had required me to create an Instagram Essay related to my beat. 

For the assignment, I had to produce a minimum of five photos that tell a story about something related to my MMA beat. 

I used to take a class with a couple of MMA fighters/college students who work at the Chico WREC center part time as jiu jitsu and kick boxing instructors, and I decided to pay them a visit for my assignment. I wanted to make them the subject of my photo essay, and I was able to get some pretty good photos.

After doing the project, I had plenty of photos that I did not use for the assignment. I didn't want to waste them so I decided to make a video out of the extra photos I had with Magisto.

For anyone who hasn't tried Magisto as an App, I really recommend it. It was really easy to use. With 3 Simple Steps:

1) I had to click on all the photos that I wanted for my video.

2) I had to pick a theme from 10 different choices.

3) Pick a music to use as background for my video. It had a selection of different music, but it also gave you the option to se your own music which I thought was a really nice feature.

I didn't have to edit the video at all, it generated a video by itself from the photos that I selected.

There were a couple of drawbacks though, like only being able to pick up to 10 photos for a video, unless you buy a $4.99 monthly subscription or a $9.99/year subscription that lets you pick up to 30 photos. 

It also takes a few minutes for the app to actually generate your video which is a little bit off-putting, but overall I thought that it was a really useful app and it is something that I will use in the future. 

Here is the finish product:

Here are the finish product after I posted them on Instagram.

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