Friday, April 3, 2015

Twitter and the Fight World

With another installment of UFC Fight Night just one day away, MMA fans are clogging up people's social media news feed with predictions of who they think will win this weekend.

Twitter has been a great tool for fans because it is one of the best outlets to find out all the latests news that go on in the MMA World. 

Whether or not a particular fight is cancelled due to a fighter getting injured, if a fighter misses weight on Friday before the fight, or who people are picking to win, all of these information could be accessed by fans by simply clicking their Twitter app on their phones.

The growth of mobile phone technology has been instrumental in the success of MMA as a sport. 

Social media apps like Twitter, helps an organization like the UFC create hype around their upcoming events without having to heavily promote it. 

Fans are the ones who create the anticipation and excitement of fights through their conversations on Twitter.

Even though MMA fight coverage aren't as extensive on ESPN, fans are still able to access live play-by-plays of fights through MMA journalists' twitter channels. 

Coverage of the fights, and the events leading up to the fights could be accessed by fans through their phone by following MMA beat writers and news outlets.

Without the accessibility of MMA through social media, it would have been harder for the sport to garner the attention it has now. 

With the help of social media apps like Twitter, and its accessibility through mobile devices, MMA has been able to compete against other main stream sports that get more coverage from bigger outlets like ESPN.

[Speaking of the upcoming UFC Fight Card this weekend, come back tomorrow for my preview and prediction of the Mendes v. Lamas main card]

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